The Forward Elbow Thrust

The Forward Elbow Thrust

Targets :  Head, eyes, brow bone, bridge of the nose, chin
Focus: The attacking elbow is raised then “stabbed” forwards into the target.

Forward_Elbow_02 Forward_Elbow_03

Hint: If you take a step forwards first with your rear foot so that your right side of your body is now in the front (i.e. you have changed your stance), you can also use your right elbow for this technique.

Lead Forward Elbow Thrust

1.Shift your body-weight to your left leg. Hold your body erect while simultaneously raising your left elbow in readiness to attack, the arm bent with the elbow pointing forwards, the upper-arm horizontal with the ground, the forearm folded back so that the fist is near the left cheek.
2.Thrust the point of your elbow rapidly and powerfully forwards into the target, boosting the power behind your elbow by leaning your body slightly forwards, bending your left knee and full extending your right leg.

Note: It should be noted that the difference between The Forward Elbow Thrust and The Uppercut Elbow (detaied on the previous pages) lies in the direction in which the elbow is thrust, forwards and sideways respectively. The Forward Elbow-Thrust is usually only deployed by the lead elbow, when the relative positions of the elbow and the opponent make it an appropriate and quite easy technique to utilize.