The Hook

Thai: หมัดเหวี่ยงสั้น – Mud Wiyang San

Targets: Face, temple, chin, jaw, ear

Focus: The fist, plam-downwards, is brought round in a hooking motion while bending the elbow at an approximate 90° angle, using the back of the knuckles to impact against the target.


Notes: An effective punch when the target is the face of an opponent who is at close quarters.
Remember: from the movement of your shoulder, hip and foot into the punch.


Centralize your body-weight, the toes of your left foot pointing towards the opponent. Preparing your right foot as the pivot, twist your body a little to the right while simultaneously pulling back your right fist slightly in readiness.









Keeping your elbow bent at an approximate 90° angle with the palm of the fist downwards, swing the punch in a fight-to-left hooking motion parallel to the ground, simultaneously twisting your right shoulder, hip and foot round to the left. Impact the back of your knuckles against the target.