Charoen Thong Muay Thai Gym We are a master boxing gym that brings "Thai Muay Thai art" กับ "Sports Science" And "Nutrition knowledge" To blend together As a leader to help reduce weight        Thai boxing culture And rapids in nutrition Considered the first in Thailand        Has been integrated into one and also has MW Wellness as a consultant

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The name "Charoen Thong Kia Ban Chong" is known in professional boxing. Wins many championship belts on Lumpini Arena.            When life comes to a point of hanging Boxing sports still sit in the heart of the fighters. This legendary level            In order not to lose the art of Thai boxing            The idea of adjusting the amulet camp to exercise therefore occurs.


Why should Charoen Thong Muay Thai ?

In using various parts of the body, whether it is a knee elbow punch which can help increase muscle strength Practice the work of the nervous system in the body, practice meditation and help tighten the desired proportion. Especially the upper arms, thighs Thus allowing players to benefit in many ways at the same time And can also use skills from boxing training Both in terms of self-defense Concentrate on learning or better work. And helps prevent injuries caused by weak muscle conditions

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