The Straight Kick

Targets: chin and surrounding area
Focus: After raising the leg, knee bent, kick the target with the ball of the foot or the instep. 

However, when you use the instep, be careful that the toes do not get in the way and so reduce the power of the kick.

Variation: The Nutcracker Kick (q.v) is a version of the Straight Kick using the instep and targeting a lower level (specifically the groin).

  Rear Straight Kick


Hint: You can keep both fists up protectively as you attack or you may prefer to swing one downwards and backwards and backwards for balance, especially if you go up onto the ball of your foot as you atack.
1.Put your body-weight on your left leg and, leaning very slightly backwards, bend and raise your right knee high up, your right foot pointing towards the target.
2.Twisting your right hip over to the left, swing your right leg, using the power gained from the upwards movement to kick the ball of the foot against the target.

Lead Straight Kick

The instructions are easily adapted to make them applicable to the lead foot: put your boday-weight on your right leg this time, lean backwards slightly, bend and raise your left knee, then kick out with the ball of your foot against the target. Remember: you do not have to twist the left hip unduly as it is already in the front.
Note: This technique should not be confused with a foot-thrust (teeb), althought the ball of the foot is used, the movement is an upward “snap”, rather than a forward thrust.