Warm-Up (The Neck)

Warm-Up Exercises

You should never begin Muay Thai training – or that for any other martial art or sport –

without first going through a basic warm-up program which prepares every part of the body for the subsequent action. Any such program should basically target three areas:

  • The cardiovascular system
  • The muscles
  • The joints

Detailed on the following pages are an elementary but effective series of exercises which can be used as a general warm-up, or, indeed, independently.

The Neck
Hold every pose for 3 seconds and repeat the whole set 5 times in all. Please note that it is highly inadvisable to rotate the neck round: it should be brought back to the vertical each time.


Step by Step

  • Hands on hips.
  • Bend neck forwards, chin tucked in.
  • Head up, bend neck over backwards.
  • Neck back to the vertical. Then, head over and down to right shoulder. Head over and down to left shoulder.